F1 GK Goalkeeper stick

F1 GK Goalkeeper stick

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We have partnered with Fortitude (fortitude hockey.com) to create a custom stick for goalkeepers. As well as Fortitude, we have developed this alongside senior international goalkeepers and their demands.

What is special about this?

The weight is extra light. We have made this stick in 505 grams to allow you to manipulate the stick in one hand faster and more easily

The balance -  We have shifted the weight out of the head into the handle to create a beautiful pickup.

The grip - We have lengthened the grip further down the stick for greater comfort and control

The design - Football scientists often talk about goalkeeping kits that distract the opposition and make them look bigger. We have utilised this mindset with our hypnotic chevron print.

Carbon content - We have chosen to use 50% carbon to retain strength and power on making a save but reducing the vibrations in the stick with fibreglass and aramid.